Some of our older news items…

NICE Delirium quality standard published

NICE have published a Delirium quality standard consisting of 5 statements that describe high quality care for adults with delirium and set out the quality of care patients should receive. ICUsteps, along with the British Geriatrics Society and the College of Emergency Medicine, is proud to endorse this quality standard.

Conference 2013 resources

Our inaugural ICUsteps conference was a tremendous success with close to 200 people attending. Our speakers offering a wide and insightful perspective on rehabilitation following critical illness and ways to help patients recover from their experiences, and our patient and relative speakers provided compelling perspectives on why support is needed following critical illness.

NICE Guidance on Care of Acutely Ill Patients In Hospital

Wednesday 25th July 2007 saw the publication of a guideline by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on 'Care of Acutely Ill Patients in Hospital'…

Radio 4 iPM Interview

In a recent interview for Radio 4, ICUsteps trustee Catherine White talked about the nightmarish world of hallucinations, delirium and paranoia that patients often experience as part of their time in critical care. If you missed the broadcast, you can still hear the interview here.

Intensive Care: A guide for patients and relatives

In 2008 we launched our booklet ‘Intensive Care: A guide for patients and relatives’ to provide comprehensive information for patients and relatives on the sort of issues they may face in rehabilitation following a critical illness. Since then over 40% of intensive care units across the United Kingdom have ordered the booklet, with a total of 45,000 booklets distributed. You can view the guide on the website, download a print friendly version and it’s also available as a free iPhone app.