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NHS England Adult Critical Care service public consultation

On 30 January 2015, NHS England launched a three month public consultation on the clinical commissioning of specialised services, including Adult Critical Care. The draft service specification for adult critical care services can be viewed on the NHS England website.

ICUsteps Dublin

The first ICUsteps support group outside the United Kingdom will open its doors on the 11th March 2015 with the formation of ICUsteps Dublin. This amazing milestone is the culmination of years of dedication from Barbara Egan. Barbara survived pneumonia and sepsis in month long battle with critical illness in 2005.

NICE intravenous fluid therapy quality standard published

NICE have published an Intravenous fluid therapy quality standard with the aims of reducing harm to patients from mistakes with intravenous fluid therapy, improving patient experience, improving the reporting of mistakes and reducing the length of hospital stay

Next Steps - Issue 5 - Autumn / Winter 2014

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Perception of nursing contribution to the patient experience

This grounded theory research into the patient’s perception of the nursing contribution to the patient’s experience of intensive care aimed to provide critical care nurses with evidence, which articulates their contribution to the patient’s experience of intensive care. The research also identified aspects of nursing care patients considered helpful and those less helpful to their entire critical care experience.

NICE Delirium quality standard published

NICE have published a Delirium quality standard consisting of 5 statements that describe high quality care for adults with delirium and set out the quality of care patients should receive. ICUsteps, along with the British Geriatrics Society and the College of Emergency Medicine, is proud to endorse this quality standard.

Next Steps - Issue 4 - Spring / Summer 2014

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