Whatever stage your relative is at in their recovery, stress and anxiety will have been a big part in your life recently. Even on discharge from hospital, the patient can face setbacks and frustrations during a long recovery period.

Relatives can feel the psychological effects too. Caring for someone who may be depressed, anxious or frustrated at how their recovery is going may bring about feelings of despair. Hearing other people's experiences, how they coped and how the outcome can be positive can help. It's not unusual to feel angry at times over what has happened and to feel guilt too for these seemingly selfish feelings. You’re not the only one to have felt like this and others have found that accepting these feelings as a temporary phase can help to avoid dwelling on the negative moments.

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by Default admin account on 12-Apr-10 18:46
December 13th 2003 will be etched in my life for ever. It started quite early with my friend, Terry and myself putting in a new central heating system. By five o'clock in the evening I became so tired I decided to go to bed for an hour leaving a hole in our bedroom floor which had been cut to reach the pipes for the radiator…


by Default admin account on 12-Apr-10 20:56
My husband, a keen mountain biker, was involved in a bad fall whilst on a ride through woodland in a remote part of Aspley woods in Bow Brickhill near Milton Keynes. He sustained injuries that included a collapsed lung, head and neck injuries and later diagnosed with a compression fracture to the upper spine causing nerve damage…


by Default admin account on 12-Apr-10 18:50
Sunday 26th October 2003 - the previous evening, my husband Trevor and I had taken our 2 children, Ella (7½) and Elisha (3) to a firework display. When we got home, we didn't notice any messages on the answer phone, and went to bed. Neither of us heard the phone ring during the night, but at about 3am Trevor heard the phone beeping to notify us there was a message…


by Default admin account on 28-Oct-12 19:13
2010 had been a good year, both my parents had celebrated their 80th birthdays and their 60th wedding anniversary, my son got married in May and we were enjoying having so many things to celebrate...